Best Diet to Burn Fat Weight Loss Apps

There are no apps, tips or tricks to easily lose weight. If so, you will definitely know by now. Weight loss means changing your habits and lifestyle. It's not easy and can sometimes be a frustrating experience. But there are things that can help you reach a healthy weight faster than other methods, and finding the right app is one of them. 

The best weight loss app, with the support of a professional and friendly community, offers advice on how to improve your diet and become more active. There is a good free weight loss app, but you usually have to pay for it, especially if it includes regular advice from experts like nutritionists and / or personal trainers. 

However, the cost is usually less than £ 10 per month, and the benefits you get are worth it. Free and affordable is an app built around calorie counting. Knowing how many calories you burn and how many calories you burn will help you lose calories and help you lose weight. However, calorie counting is rarely accurate and if you record everything you eat or drink before ingestion, you can lose much more weight. So it's best to use your app as a rough guide rather than sticking to the right information. number.


In addition to improving diet and activity levels, OurPath focuses heavily on the mindset and teaches how almost everyone encounters when trying to lose weight and overcomes weight loss. Get a personalized 3-month plan that includes a weekly goal set by an online health coach who is a registered dietitian or qualified dietitian, and also has access to a support community where you can chat in the app. 

 OurPath uses the more expensive weight loss app, starting at 30 pounds a month with a three-month plan, but advice on healthy eating is designed to be sustainable while avoiding things like calorie counting. People are difficult to maintain, so after 3 months they need to be set to lose weight. Download on the App Store and Google Play | From £ 30 per month


The most popular free weight loss app (also in the paid premium version) keeps a food diary to help you set your overall calorie goals and set the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats you want to eat every day. You can record food by eating it manually, using a barcode scanner, or searching for the exact food you ate, providing a more detailed macronutrient analysis. 

 For example, you can export this information to many other fitness apps like Fitbit, which makes it easy to see how the food you're exercising fits your workout program. If you have a premium, you will get more detailed insights into what you ate and you can record the goals for each meal and exercise you did. Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free, premium of £ 7.99 per month

Life Island

Lifesum has a variety of diet options and the first time you sign up, the quiz will help you determine the best diet option. For example, you can assign a low-carb diet or a high protein diet, and the app provides a detailed meal plan to help you achieve your goals. This app includes some diet plans that the British Dietetic Association has marked "fades" like ketone generation, intermittent fasting and clean diet. 

It is advisable to adhere to the usual healthy balanced scheme. Lifesum also offers a standard calorie counter with barcode scanning if you want to keep it simple and sync with other health apps. There is a free version of Lifesum that you can use to keep your food diary, but you need a premium account to access your meal plan. Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free, premium of £ 7.99 per month

Lose it!

While the holistic approach to weight loss, which takes into account the mental side, certainly benefits, the simplest way is to consume less calories than burning. Lose it! It's about this simple approach. It gives you a personal daily calorie goal and lets you record food and activity in the app to make sure you are sticking to your food.

The app has a meal plan, recipe and exercise to help you, and you can take pictures and record what you eat, making the process a lot easier than using a barcode scanner. You can also record everything manually. The free version of the app is feature-rich and can handle everything you really need, but of course upgrading to Premium gives you more useful insights and content. Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free, premium £ 34.99 / year
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